Create New Wordsearch

A completely free service to create a new word search. Enter the wordsearch name, a brief description, and a list of words.

You can enter words up to 12 characters long - any phrases longer than that will be ignored as it makes the word search grid too large. Once you complete the custom word search, you're free to download and it's printable! Check our tips on the right hand side to get some good ideas!


Your word list can contain any topics you need - we recommend that the worksheets stick to one theme. Whether you enter words in uppercase or lowercase doesn't matter, whatever letter case you choose - the puzzle maker will fill-in the empty space, choose the grid style and then provide you with an answer key.

The puzzle size is limited to words twelve letters and fewer - just to make sure you can print the word search puzzle neatly. A good worksheet generator tries to strike the balance between too many words and being a good learning tool. We don't put a limit on the number of words, but if there are more than can be added to the worksheet maker, then we rely on word placement and then ignore the remaining words. They're still there, and if you refresh the page you'll see them next time.

Similar to a crossword puzzle or a word scramble, the word search game is a fun way to learn new words, train kids to discover letter pairs, or just pass the time.