What are word searches good for?

Word searches are a versatile tool for exercising the brain. The Port St Lucie hospital has a great article on how word searches are a wonderful tool to keep seniors’ minds active and combat dementia.

Some good ways to combat dementia with word searches:

  • Create simple word searches using short words before gradually increasing the difficulty.
  • For more advanced searchers, set a time limit to make the puzzle more difficult.
  • Create a set of words based around their interests – such as knitting, sports, or their favorite TV show.
Word Search

5 Benefits of Word Searches

  1. Super simple to get started – either play online or with pen and paper.
  2. Boosts your vocabulary by training your brain to recognise new letter combinations and orderings.
  3. An escape from Social Media – Word searches can be played without the distraction of computers, phones, or tablet. Grab a cup of coffee, your favourite chair and take ten minutes to relax and focus on the words.
  4. The power of small wins – Sometimes all you need to turn a bad day around is a small victory. Completing an easy puzzle might seem like it’s too easy a fix, but next time you’re frustrated test out a word search to get that small boost of confidence in a bad day.
  5. Excellent ‘Active Learning’ – As a study tool, it’s a great way to engage tactile learners, those that need to do something with their hands to absorb the lesson. Build a free word search using some of the terms you’re trying to teach and you’ll see greater absorption of the lesson from these types of learners.

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